This Week: Larry Brumm – Real Estate Appraiser

April 3rd 2018

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This Week: Larry Brumm

Real Estate Appraiser, Larry Brumm was born the day after Christmas, and was raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  He attended Central Missouri State University, but dropped out before he was kicked out.  He eventually decided to go back, and got a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in math.  He was set to go to dental or medical school, but at a friend’s urging, enlisted in the armed forces to become pilots instead.  He was stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas, getting his wings in 1969, and became an instructor pilot, then was sent to Viet Nam.

While stationed at Moffett Field, living in Alameda, California after his tour of duty in Vietnam he met his wife through his neighbors.  They settled in Pleasanton 42 years ago.  Larry is an avid golfer.  He has a son Steve (who has 21-year-old twin boys with autism), from his first marriage, a son Billy (who has two adopted children ages 9 and 6) and daughter Phyllis (married and living in the Sacramento area) who all graduated from Amador Valley High.

Larry worked for Merrell National Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company for several years before getting in and then out of the real estate business.  He worked for Larry Osbourne with Tom Fox & Mike Peel, during which he obtained his Broker’s License, but made a career change when interest rates got too high.  He sold window coverings and also worked for an industrial rubber distributor for a while before he finally landed as a real estate appraiser with a friend of his.

He went out on his own in 1987.  Although he has done both commercial and residential appraisals, stringent licensing has him now doing just residential appraisals.

Earlier in his career he would draw each appraisal floor plan by hand, but now everything is computerized.  The computer programs allow him to not only draw the floor plans, but help do the very complicated calculations.  All of his reports now go out on PDF files through the internet – he saves a lot of money on printer paper, ink, photography and FedEx!

Two of the most important qualities needed in an appraiser are extreme honesty and being informative.  Through the new MLS Alliance, Larry now only has to be a member of two associations to get all of the information to do an appraisal in northern California.

Business was very good, booked out two weeks and with two helpers, until three years ago.  Most of Larry’s work used to come from the refinance market and purchases.  The new laws for appraisers, have caused him to lose 25 years of clients.  Whereas he has to be hired by the bank directly (through the AMCs: Appraisal Management Companies), not the mortgage broker, not even being able to speak to the mortgage broker, Larry now finds other sources of revenue mostly through doing appraisals for estate planning attorneys.

If you know of an estate planning attorney who could use Larry’s services, or if you need your home appraised call Larry Brumm at 846-1096.




The next meeting of the Tri-Valley Executives’ Association will be held on April 5th, at Vic’s All-Star Kitchen at 7:00am.


Greeters: Kevin Lee of  Wrecking Ball Inc. and  Dave Jones of  Tiger Carpet Cleaning

Classification: Robbie Didio of Handyman Services



April 12th: Board of Directors Ceremony

April 19th: Mike Peel of  Sotheby’s Realty

April 26th: Larry Brumm of  Real Estate Appraiser


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