Stay Safe and Healthy!

I hope everyone is staying safe and Healthy. There are still so many unknowns about COVID-19 and the repercussions it will have on our society. Please read the email from Darlene below as to how we are planning to proceed and email me back directly to update me on how you and your family are doing.  We will not be meeting in person for the next 2 weeks. 
Last week Dr. Endre Selmeczy gave us a timely presentation on how to best handle the CONVID-19. His presentation was very impressive and included live polling,  music, and demonstrations on how to properly wear masks, gloves, and sanitize.  

Please send me ANY News, Promotions or Announcements about your business you would like me to send out to the group. 
Here is the message sent out on Monday from our President Darlene Crane: 

First, we would all like to extend a great big thanks to Dr. Endre Selmeczy for your presentation and help in understanding what preventative measures we will and should be practicing during these uncertain times.

As you all have heard and watched in the media, prevention in the spread of Covid-19 is changing daily if not minute by minute.  Remember, your best source for any updates is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Since last Thursday’s meeting our day to day norm has almost come to a complete stop.   We all have concerns in meeting each week and understandably so.

This is a difficult time to not only stop our day to day norm but also see the support of restaurant owners and workers be victims of this, not to mention employers, schools, sports and so much more just closing down.  

Now than, moving forward, we will postpone our meetings/networking at Vic’s until further notice.  So please continue to Networking Virtually or Phone like we always have been.  Call/text/email your comembers for anything you would normally contact them for.  Now more than ever!

Lastly, we will continue to collect dues each quarter.  We’ve been in contact with Laura and Ernesto, Vic’s new owners and they have agreed to hold our room, along with all their other meeting groups for $300. a week till we return on a regular basis.  Hopefully soon.

I pray for us to try and be as normal in your day to day with limited stress.  Do the best we can but be as serious in the preventative recommendations in spreading or contracting this ugly virus!  You 65 Plus year old’s are to stay home for the next 2 weeks and out and about only for necessities..  There goes my Mani Pedi’s for a while!  Sneeze in a tissue, cough in your elbow or as my 4-year-old granddaughter Lola would say, you’ll get the “Stink Eye”!

We will hope for a positive update in a few weeks.  Tess and the board will keep in touch.  Target April 2nd for the update.

With continued support to you all. 

– Darlene and the TVEA Board

Looking forward to seeing you all again!! ❤️

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