Dave Sanchez, Sr.  of B&S Hacienda

March 21st 2018

This Week: Dave Sanchez, Sr.  of B&S Hacienda

Dave Sanchez, Sr. was born in Santa Barbara and moved to San Francisco when he was about a year old.  His father, Bruno, opened the body shop in San Francisco in 1956.  Being Mexicans in an Italian neighborhood, the shop was named Bruno & Sons; they all learned to speak a little Italian and the shop did very well.

In 1962 Dave graduated from high school in Pacifica and drove a ’61 Corvette.  He joined the Army in 1964 and served his tour of duty in Germany.  When he arrived back in the States, he met a beautiful beautician named Dolores who was his mother’s hairdresser.  10 days later, he asked her to marry him and only 5 months later in January of 1969 they married. Married for 49 years.

They quickly had their first son, David, who was born 2 days after Dave Sr. bowled a 300 (a perfect game for those of us who don’t follow bowling).  10 months later Anthony was born; then, their third son Robert in 1972.

They moved to Pleasanton in 1974 and Dave, who had been working in shop since he was 12 years old, bought the business from his father in 1977.  The commute to south San Francisco was hard, causing him to want move back to the City.  Not wanting to move from the place the boys grew up and they now considered home, they found a shop near the Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton and moved the business in 1991, naming it B&S Hacienda Auto Body.

Tony and Robby each joined the company out of high school, while the David Jr., first completed a college degree and tried his hand in other fields before coming back to collision repair. They now have 5 shops and 97 employees.

About 75% of the business is insurance work, while a constant flow of vehicles from auto dealers makes up another 25%.  The majority of the cars they repair are high-end and their employees have been certified by the manufacturers to do the repairs.  There’s also a lot of demand for smaller repairs from the dealerships and clients alike, so they have a small operation that just focuses on things like refinishing plastic bumpers and minor repairs.

Though they started each shop with advertising campaigns, all of their business now comes word-of-mouth and from referrals.  The shops’ motto is “Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.”

Dave Sr. has 7 grandchildren and is now semi-retired.  He enjoys traveling to Mexico, golfing and gambling while golfing.

To get an estimate on your repairs, call Dave Sanchez, Sr. at 580-7287 or bring your car by any of the 5 shops.

Like his page on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BSHaciendaCA/



The next meeting of the Tri-Valley Executives’ Association will be held on March 22nd, at Vic’s All-Star Kitchen at 7:00am.


Greeters: Larry Brumm Real Estate Appraiser and Richard Gross of Shone Asset Management


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March 22nd: Dave Jones of Tiger Carpet Cleaning

March 29th: Lawrence Ling of  QES Computers, Inc.

April 5th: Keith Westphal of Westphal Plumbing

April 12th: Board of Directors Ceremony

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