April 5th 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone!

We had a fun VIRTUAL meeting last week. It was so great to “see” you all!  Here is the picture I snapped toward the beginning of the call.

Meeting Summary:- Each member gave a 1-2 minute update on how they have been during the Shelter In Place Order  
– Member of the year Awarded to Jim Rowse & Chris Rugaard
– The 2020-21TVEA Presidency was turned overs to Chris Rugaard 
– New Board Member Dave Jones announced
– Chris Thanked Darlene Crane – Peel for her term as president as she did several great things for they club including enhancing the new member process and making sure everyone receives the proper by-laws and member certificates. 

April Celebrations: 
April 1st – Josh Cherry 
April 2nd – Dave Silva 
April 14th – Dave Sanchez Sr. 
April 20th – Dr. Endre Selmeczy
April 20th – Joey Minahan
April 28th – Wayne Yeaw

Member Anniversary
April 2018 – Jim Rowse 

Wedding Anniversary 
Jay Woidtke 

Decisions from the Board Meeting – 

We will postpone dues for another 30 days (until May 3rd) then decided best next steps. 

We will have VIRTUAL Meetings the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month – 

We will not be paying money to Vics for the Month of April ( and indefinitely) 

The Board asks that you support Vics by ordering take out and/or giving them a review on their Facebook or Yelp

The next meeting of the Tri-Valley Executives will be on April 16th at 7:45am Via Zoom. 
To Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/9253612447?pwd=N0hDaHdCaDU3cFBzRXUxTk1wVlVydz09
Meeting ID: 925 361 2447****Password: 798493****note, you now need a password to join all meetings 
I am praying for the group daily. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. 

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