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About TVEA - Meeting Policies


• Meetings begin promptly at 7:15am.

• $1.00 fine for being late (coming in after the gavel starts the meeting).

• $1.00 fine for leaving a meeting early.

• $1.00 for having no “good” lead.

• $2.00 for a missed meeting; discounted to $1.00 if the Executive Director is notified.

• $10.00 for no-show as a greeter.

• Greeter Responsibilities:
• Be at the meeting by 6:45am.
• Give members their name tags and greet them.
• Be aware of any guests, make them feel welcome and give them a “guest” name tag.
• Sell raffle tickets.
• Greeters’ responsibilities are over promptly at 7:15am.

• 50-50 Raffle Procedure:
• Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.
• Each game begins with 40 regular marbles and 4 winning (clear glass) marbles in the jar.
• If you hold the winning ticket, you get to choose a marble.
• If you do not choose one of the winning marbles, you receive 5 FREE raffle tickets at next week’s meeting.
• 50% of the cash from the sale of raffle tickets gets added to the cash prize (each game starts with $50) until a winning marble is chosen.
• The other 50% collected goes into the TVEA savings account.

Procedure for Bringing a New Guest:
• Call the office to let the Executive Director know that you will have a guest and the classification of the business.
• Be there to greet your guest and make them feel welcome.
• You will be asked to introduce your guest; guests are asked to say a few words about their business.
• Potential members are invited to attend two meetings as guests of the TVEA.
• Fill out a proposed membership form and give it to the Executive Director.